Brian Young has owned Home Painters Toronto for 28 years, but it took him almost 20 years to come to terms with getting off of cold calling and into online marketing. In fact, it took a literal punch to the face to get him to question the way he was running his business. Brian chats with Scott and director of content Carey Ballard about hitting bottom, making it through the Great Recession, and winning the Small Business ICON award in 2015.

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  • Michael Macdonald

    I was so happy to see Brian win the Small Business Icon with Infusionsoft Such a great guy! – Aside from the obvious points that Scott and Carey picked up on – That section on sending the one email – Start with something small so can see the ‘Quick Win’ – So important. You see so many people start with a huge idea in mind, and then it takes so much time to get it done because you need to learn whist creating, and change bits here and there and often never gets finished.

024 – A Profitable Punch to the Face – Brian Young Transcript